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Looking for a contract PHP Developer?

If you need a highly skilled and flexible Web / PHP Programmer then I'm your guy. I've had ten years of commercial PHP Programming experience developing database-driven web sites using PHP and other open source technologies.

As well as being a versatile programmer with a 'can-do' attitude, I have a background in Database/Systems Design. Let's take LAMP to the next level!

> My skills

PHP programming, Perl, Python
MySQL database, PostgreSQL
Database Modelling, Systems Analysis and Design
Linux server administration

> Clients

Most of my work these days is for online publishing companies, including:

Woolshed New Media - online health information specialists; Search Engine Optimisation legends.

Tarawera Publishing - leading NZ publisher of financial magazines and web sites.

Please contact me for details of how I have helped my clients and for examples of my PHP development work.

> Software I've written

phpMyScaffold - A very handy database table editor. A great tool for PHP developers that can be used to create custom PHP/MySQL content management systems, or as an administration for your in-house database application system.

Transmission - Web-based email marketing campaign management software.

Treehive - A web-based, multi-valued, digital/analog media asset/content management system. (Yep, I wrote one too ;)

> Skilled People / Friends

John Kelleher - Great designer/freelancer. If you get John to work on your project then you are a very lucky person.

Kentaro Yamada Ltd - Geek/designer/artist Kentaro Yamada is Kentaro Yamada Ltd.

Ross Howard - NZ's very own Design/CSS/HTML Superstar! We worked together as Analog Media for several years once we graduated from uni.

Aaron Schmidt - Solid web design/development skills and a fairly decent photographer to boot.

> Non-geeky Friends

Ren's awesome Baby Carrier; Belly Casting; Bob's Wine Reviews; Hiwiroa Shorthorns; Paul Murray

> Contact / CV

Hamish Judson B.Com, DipTch.

Please use the following form to send me an email.

Please provide your actual company name / website details and avoid using gmail/hotmail/yahoo email addresses.

To prevent automated processes sending me spam you must have Javascript and Cookies enabled in order to use my email form. Please enable these features in your browser and try again, or just phone me.

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